Fun What Is This; Why Do I Need It Part #1

FUN: What is This; Why Do I Need It? Part #1

« If you don’t have any Fun in your Life, then all you have is a bunch of Thursdays? » (Movie, Rumor Has It) Starting with the end of childhood, moving into being a working adult and, finally, into the fifty plus stage with retirement on […]

The Astonishing Revelations Of Bashar Part I

The Astonishing Revelations of Bashar – Part I

Many UFO’s seen in our atmosphere are actually ships sent by advanced civilizations from higher spheres or worlds of vibration trying to initiate contact with our dimension. Bashar’s world, « Essassani » is at a vibration rate varying between spirit and matter. Bashar claims to be an extraterrestrial « hybrid » […]

The Awareness Of Metaphysical Laws And Principles Part 1

The Awareness Of Metaphysical Laws And Principles Part 1


The upsurge of spiritual energies encircling our planet at this present time, has resulted in an awakening in humanity of the existence of higher realities. Whatever the cause of this spiritual conflagration in the hearts and minds of humanity may be, the effects of its […]