Gambling In New Hampshire

Gambling In New Hampshire

The New England state of New Hampshire in the North Eastern corner of the United States is the only state that imposes neither sales tax nor income tax on its citizens. New Hampshire shares its border with the Canadian state of Quebec, and the American states of Massachusetts and Vermont. It also has part of its border on the Atlantic Ocean, although that part is a mere eighteen miles long.

Being one of the thirteen colonies that revolted against English rule and sparking off the American Revolution, New Hampshire is steeped in history that entices many history buffs and antique hunters to visit it yearly. It was the first state to declare its independence. New Hampshire is today like a cottage state, and then as now, wealthy people chose to make their homes there, and to enjoy the beautiful scenery strict environmental laws have been put in place and enforced to keep New Hampshire the beautiful state it is.

To say that life is good for the one point three million citizens of New Hampshire would be fair, with the sixth highest income per capita in all of the United States. It would be almost paradise apart from one major fly in the ointment. There is almost no form of gambling available in New Hampshire. Live horse racing is permitted with on track betting only that is heavily patronized by the residents of New Hampshire. Also a fairly active and popular state lottery is run. People who live in New Hampshire have money in their pockets and like most other Americans they like to gamble, so what do they do?

They either travel to nearby states such as New Jersey for their share of live casino gambling, mostly either slots of table gaming, or they, like visit more information tens of millions of others all over the World; have discovered the pleasure and convenience of online internet gambling. The gambling population of New Hampshire has discovered that playing on line is a big thrill, and every game that they want to play is there for them. From roulette to blackjack to craps, played in realistic 3d reality, to all the latest slot games, it&25263; the nearest thing you will get to live casino gaming and you need never get trapped in a traffic jam again. Nowadays with new computer technology that easily allows connecting your computer to your television, people who have high definition, 62?plasma screens can feel that they are actually in a casino.

There are rumblings in the New Hampshire state government that there is an opportunity that is being missed to bring in valuable tax income by easing legislation and to gradually introduce gambling into the state. The initial proposal is to allow video poker and possibly slots to be installed at the racetrack sites in New Hampshire. Hardly Las Vegas, but it&25263; a start. Even that development seems a long way off, so the tax dollars that could be earned are going somewhere else while casino owners and casino enthusiasts are missing each other in New Hampshire.

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